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Bad Credit Car Loans With No Deposit Required

Why wait weeks? Drive away today and leave your worries behind with us!
Why Harley Finance?

  • No deposit required
  • Fast approvals
  • No paperwork, no hassles
  • Currently defaults? No problem
  • Ex bankrupt? No worries
  • No credit history? Not an issue
  • You’re in complete control. You choose the car finance that suits you best
  • We have access to a good number of reputable Australian lenders
  • Flexible structure & terms
  • 25 years’ experience in bad credit finance. We get people car finance with bad credit every day!

Don’t be discouraged by past bad credit problem. At Harley Finance, we think you deserve a second chance. Call us on 1300 859 890 and start applying today!

Want To Get Car Loans With Bad Credit?

With more than 25 years’ experience handling bad credit car loans, bad credit motorcycle loans and bad credit caravan loans, our consultants have seen every scenario.

We get bad credit car loans, bad credit motorcycle loans and bad credit caravan loans approved virtually every day.

The preparation of a bad credit car loan application is far more demanding than a general car loan. For this reason our most experienced Partner oversees every bad credit application.

The financiers want to know everything about you. They are going to ask you for more information than a main stream financier or bank. There is good news though, the bad credit car loan lenders will in many cases approve your bad credit car loan application.

A few words of caution, these lenders are going to charge you more than a bank, therefore we strongly recommend that you borrow at a lower level, as you do not want to overcommit yourself. If you default on this loan, you won’t get another for a long time.

Finance Amounts: $5,000 – $50,000

To service a loan, applicants must earn a minimum of $500 net per week.

Where Centrelink benefits + child support + employed income, maximum lend will be $15,000

Unemployment Benefit Only – Not acceptable

Recent Approval
  • Joint application – Applicant # 1 long term full time – Applicant # 2 Family benefits
  • 3 months Renting
  • 5 Dependents
  • Over 50% reliant on Centrelink to show they could afford
  • $18K listed P/L default listed within 12mths – under arrangement
Approved $14K over 48 months


  • Minimum 3 month’s employment if previously on unemployment benefits. No more than 3 months unemployment between jobs within the last 12 months.
  • Full Time Minimum 1 month employment PROVIDED they have at least 12 months previous employment within the same industry of 3 months and NOT be on probation.
  • Casual Minimum 3 months employment PROVIDED they are working > 38 hours per week and have at least 6 months previous employment within the same industry.
  • If working < 38 hours per week or without 6 months previous employment within the same industry, applicant must be employed for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Permanent Part Time: Employed for a minimum of 3 months with at least 6 months previous employment within the same industry.
  • Recruitment Agency: Must be registered with recruitment agency for minimum 6 months.
  • If previous employment NOT within the same industry, applicant must be employed for a minimum.
  • Min 6 months employment with the one company. 6 months banks statements required.
  • If you have an ABN we can help

Permanent Residents & Visa’s: Permanent residents of Australia and work sponsored Visa’s only.

Residential Status: 2 year residential history required. Minimum 3 months residence if boarding.

Caravan Parks – Must prove long term residence (> 12 months) with lease agreement.

New Zealand and other International migrants’ min 6 months residency in Australia.

Unacceptable Residences: Hostels, hotels, remote areas.

International students are ineligible to apply.

Credit History: Minimum Credit file age of 3 months.

Ex Bankrupt & Part IX:

  • Current agreements and multiple bankruptcies ineligible.
  • Good bank account conduct essential.
  • Reason for bankruptcy should be supplied.
  • Defaults after bankruptcy will not be considered.
  • Discharged less than 12 months Maximum lend of $15,000.
  • Must be over 25 years of age.
  • Renters and home owners only. Must be in residence for a minimum of 12 months.
  • In current employment for a minimum of 12 months.

Finance Defaults

Unpaid finance defaults more than 12 months should include an explanation of the nature of default and preferably to be under arrangement.

Unpaid finance defaults more than $5,000 MUST have a deposit and evidence of good financial conduct.

Court Judgments: Same rules as defaults

Telco/Utility Defaults: Total amount outstanding for all telco/utility defaults must be less than $5,000.


  • Acceptable vehicles: Cars, Bikes, Boats, Caravans, Tractors, PWC’s & Trailers.
  • No age restrictions on vehicles.
  • Vehicles cannot exceed 250,000 km’s at time of booking (excluding diesels – call to discuss).
  • 48 month term applies to cars and motorcycles only. No older than 6 years at settlement.
  • Applicants MUST hold a current Australian drivers licence.
  • Motorcycles Applicant MUST have a current motorcycle licence (dirt bikes and quad bikes excepted).
  • Dirt bikes and quad bikes are not required to be registered but MUST have 3rd party insurance.
  • Learner Drivers MUST be comprehensively insured. Will not accept pay by the month.
  • V8’s and other high powered vehicles not acceptable.
  • Repairable write-offs Maximum lend of $15,000 NAF. Customer MUST be aware the the vehicle is a repaired write-off.
  • Grey Imports Applicants must be over 25 years & hold a FULL drivers licence. Must be comprehensively insured. Will not accept pay by the month.
  • Private Sales Cars and Motorcycles only

Your approval will in many cases will come down to the knowledge and skills of your financial brokers

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Harley Finance is powered by Harley Finance - An Australian's leading Finance Broker Business. The Principals have 30+ years, 25+ years and 10+ years’ experience.

Our Knowledge and expertise has been gathered over a long period of time. We have seen the good times and the bad.
We pride ourselves as being genuine experts in our field. All our consultants are fully qualified as per A.S.I.C requirements, but more importantly genuinely want to help our clients and prospective clients get finance approvals that meet their wants and needs.
As further proof of our expertise, more than 25% of the business we write, comes from other Harley Finance who realise that our Professional Presentation’s and Knowledge and our desire to make approvals happen, is what clients are looking for.
Having access to a large quantity of Financiers and a daily working relationship with many of them, we know who the best fit for your application is.

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