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Getting finance approved for the equipment you want, is probably your first priority. But ensuring you have the correct type of equipment finance, equipment loan or equipment lease can be equally important.

Equipment comes in many different forms and has many different uses. If you are not aware of all your options, you may end with equipment finance that is not suitable for you or is just to expensive.

Harley Finance have consultants who have been in the industry for more than 25 years, call us now on1300 583 022 or complete one of our simple enquiry forms, to find out what's best for you.

Your approval will in many cases will come down to the knowledge and skills of your Finance Broker.

What are Lenders Looking For?

There are a large number of potential Lenders for the equipment you are looking for. Our goal is to find the Lender who will approve your application at the most competitive level to meet your expectations.

Experienced Business, with no previous or current business finance:

If you are experienced and have good current or previous finance history, we are simply trying to find you the best deal. In many cases we won't even need to prove your income.

Experienced Business, with no previous or current finance:

Being an experienced Business is a great benefit in obtaining a finance approval.

In this situation we need to prove you can afford the payments or show that the new equipment will increase your profits or reduce your expenses to a level greater that the cost of financing and maintaining the equipment.

New Businesses:

Getting Equipment finance approved is simply convincing the Lender that there is very little risk involved in lending you the money. These include:

  • What will the equipment be used for?
  • Do you have experience operating this sort of equipment?
  • Will the equipment be a profit making or expense saving item?
  • Is the purchase well thought out?

Personal Questions:

  • What is your accommodation situation (home owner, renting, boarding etc?)
  • Have you had previous or current good finance references?
  • Will you have any deposit (either trade in or cash)
  • Do you have any cash reserves to assist you if anything goes wrong (e.g. equipment down for an extended period)
  • Have you been self-employed before in a different industry?
  • Are you stable (i.e. in your current address and or previous employment for a good period of time?)
  • Do you have a cash flow projection to show to business will be viable and profitable.
  • Are the goods appropriate for the work you will be undertaking?

Depending on your situation there may be other factors. Check out the Equipment Finance Frequently Asked Questions that we have compiled over the years.

Still not clear and want to know your chance of financial application success?

Call Us Now 1300 583 022 or fill out the form below for a Free Equipment Finance Confidential Consultation

At Harley Finance our experienced consultants, know exactly who to deal with, what finance will need etc.

If our service does not meet your expectations, our work is obligation free

Still not clear and want to know your chance of financial application success? Call us now on 1300 583 022 or fill out the form below for a Free Confidential Consultation.

If this sounds good to you, then contact us for a confidential discussion. We have our clients get their equipment finance approved successfully for the last 25 years, and we'd like to see if we can do the same for you


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