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Finance Lease Explained

An advantage of a finance lease is that you get to use it for the finance lease period. The lender has the right to sell the equipment if they wish but usually you can purchase the equipment for the agreed value, this known as the residual value. The residual value is stipulated in the finance lease agreement.The lender funds the motor vehicle (or other goods) for you and, in return, you pay us a series of rental payments, which are fully tax deductible (if the equipment is used solely for earning assessable income).

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How Does a Finance Lease Work?

In a finance lease agreement the lender is known as the leaser and you are known as the lessee. Essentially the lender will purchase the asset on your behalf and lease it to you as specified in the Lease Agreement. The finance lease agreement has all the contract details such as the residual value of the asset, the period for finance lease, the monthly lease payments and the depreciation rates for tax purposes.

When the Finance Lease expires, There Are Some Alternatives Available to You:

  • You can opt to refinance the residual value of the finance lease
  • The finance lease contract can be payout in full
  • Alternatively you make an offer to purchase the asset. We will listen to your offer and make a decision to accept the offer

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Phillip Gruppelaar - Senior Finance Manager

Commenced in the Finance Industry in 1988. Phillip has been a senior manager in finance businesses since the mid 1990's. This included 5 years as General Manager of one of Australia's largest and most successful Finance Brokerage Businesses. Phillip is a General Asset Finance specialist

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George Carver - Senior Finance Specialist

Commenced with National Australia Bank in the early 1970's. A Custom Credit Branch Manager by 1978.

For the last 20 years he has run Carver Financials, he joined forces with Harley Finance in 2012.George is a Truck, Equipment & Machinery Finance specialist.

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