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Before you decide where to apply for your Truck Finance or Truck Loan you must read below!!

If anyone tells you getting truck finance is easy, you are either going to be paying too much or you are going to be disappointed when the answer comes back no!

Main Stream Lenders (Banks), the ones with the best rates, are no interested in risky business. That means unless you have all possible scenario’s covered they are not going to approve your Truck Finance or Truck Loan.

There are some Golden Rules (Questions that need to be answered) that must be covered. (Very few meet them all, so a professional presentation will be required to over-come some.

  1. Is the Truck suitable for the work required?
  2. Is the amount to be financed realistic?
  3. In the event of problems do you have more than adequate fallback money?
  4. Are you of good financial character?
  5. Is the value of the truck similar to the borrowing amount?
  6. Is the business you have or intend to have financially viable?

There are a few of things that will significantly increase your chances of success.

  1. If you own property (home or investment) with good equity
  2. Good Credit for similar amounts of money
  3. Cash or Trade In deposit

With Harley Finance you can expect:

  • A professional consultant with at least 20 years’ experience to help you all the way with your application.
  • Our obligation free pre-approval service is designed with your expectations in mind. However we will be frank with you, if you are in “dream world” we will quickly let you know.
  • The goal is to get you into a truck that meets your business needs. The truck must be reliable and the costs you incur leave you a profit level that you find acceptable for the time and risks you are taking.
  • Financiers are not going to lend you $300,000 for a truck if you are a first time borrower or new in business, regardless of how good the contract you have looks. They will lend you money to buy a truck the adequately meets the needs of your business.
  • We are going to require supporting information from you. We will make this as simple as possible, but genuine effort at your end will be required to get your Truck Finance or Truck Loan over the line. Any financier want to see you are well organised and have planned well for your business venture.

If you want real help to get a Truck Finance or a Truck Loan, discuss your truck finance needs with us today on 1300 583 022 and take advantage of our 25 years plus industry knowledge, It’s an Obligation Free Service or fill out one of our enquiry forms. Or you can check out the Truck Finance Frequently Asked Questions that we have compiled over the years and financial approval criteria that financiers are looking for.

Your approval will in many cases will come down to the knowledge and skills of your Finance Broker.

Whether you are new in Business and need a truck to get started or you are an experienced operator, we are looking for the approval that best meets your needs.

Experienced Business, with previous or current business finance:

If you are experienced and have good current or previous finance history, we are simply trying to find you the best deal. In many cases we won't even need to prove your income.

Experienced Business, with no previous or current business finance:

Being an experienced Business is a great benefit in obtaining a truck finance approval. In some cases we won't need to prove your income. In others we will, if we can show you can afford it, again we are simply looking to find you the best deal.

New Businesses:

People wanting to become self-employed, is in many cases dependent on you obtaining the necessary finance approval for the Goods or Vehicle they will need.

This area is where an experienced truck finance broker is of significant value to you.

Truck Finance Brokers have access to multiple lenders and have the knowledge to understand which financier firstly will approve the application and also who will provide a payment that suits you.

Many factors will be considered when approving a New Business or Owner Driver application. These include:

  • The price of the Goods
  • Do you have a contract or guaranteed work?
  • What is your accommodation situation (home owner, renting, boarding etc.)?
  • Have you had previous or current good finance references?
  • Will you have any deposit (either trade in or cash)?
  • Do you have any cash reserves to assist you if anything goes wrong (e.g. vehicle off road for extended period)?
  • Have you been self-employed before in a different industry?
  • Are you stable (i.e. in your current address and or previous employment for a good period of time?)
  • Do you have a cash flow projection to show to business will be viable and profitable?
  • Are the goods appropriate for the work you will be undertaking?

There will on occasions be other factors.

At Harley Finance our experienced consultants, know exactly who to deal with, what finance will need etc.

If our service does not meet your expectations, our work is obligation free

Call us now on 1300 583 022 or request a call back below.

If this sounds good to you, then contact us for a confidential discussion. We have our clients get their truck finance approved successfully for the last 25 years, and we'd like to see if we can do the same for you


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