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Taking The Grey Out Of Grey Import Cars – A Guide To Grey Imports

Posted on Sunday February 09, 2014, by | Categories Uncategorized

Written by Phillip Gruppelaar

There has been a lot of talk over the last several years about grey imports. Are they a bargain hunter's dream or a nightmare waiting to happen? There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a vehicle this way, but after reading this article you should be ready to take on the challenge.

What Is A Grey Import Car?

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Taking The Grey Out Of Grey Imports

A grey import is a car that has been brought into Australia legally, but not through the manufacturer’s official import channels.


Grey imports have a bit of a shady reputation. These vehicles often have no history, which means they could have previous collision damage, shoddy repair work, or have the odometer wound back. If you look around, you shouldn’t have these problems, though. Find a reputable importer and work with them. You can even get a new car this way. It will cost a bit more, but your vehicle won’t have been shipped as parts and hastily reassembled.

Getting The Most For Your Money

Most grey imports are Japanese, and Grey imports are typically heavily optioned. If you want high performance engines, zoned climate control, all wheel drive, or rear wheel steering you are likely going to get a better price on a grey import.

Expanding Your Options

If you aren’t satisfied with what the Australian market has to offer then grey imports are an excellent choice. Look at the Nissan Skyline and Silvia, Toyota Supra, or Mitsubishi FTO. Their top variants are not available through traditional channels. If your dream car falls into this category, grey importing is your only real option.

Finance For Imported Cars

Whether it’s your dream car or just a great car, once you find the right car you need to find financing. Not all companies work with grey imports, so it’s important to ensure that you choose one with a good reputation and experience. Check out No Deposit Grey Import Finance option.

What About Replacement Parts?

You may have heard that it is impossible to get replacement parts for a grey import. Many grey imports have different parts inside than vehicles of the same model purchased through traditional channels, but with the huge boom in grey imports this is changing. Ask about the availability of replacement parts, and you can avoid surprise costs.

Insurance Costs

Foreign crash test standards may not always be as high as the ones here in Australia. As a result, some insurance companies have been reluctant to insure grey imports in the past. These days you shouldn’t have much trouble. There is some extra risk, though, so expect to pay a little more. This is particularly true if you are getting something really speedy.

Resale Value

The resale value of a grey import is related to everything else we’ve already mentioned. If you’ve been careful choosing your vehicle to begin with, you shouldn’t have any problems. If your vehicle is difficult to find replacement parts for, the insurance is high, and it’s currently not working very well it’s going to be tough to find a buyer. On the other hand, you could be selling someone else’s dream car. You bought it for a reason, right?

The Takeaway

If you are in the market for the one-a-kind supercar you’ve always dreamed of, grey importing is the only way to go. Things like paying a little more insurance come with the territory. You wanted something spectacular and you knew you would have to pay a little extra. If, on the other hand, you want a bargain on a more traditional vehicle this may still be the way to go. Grey imports aren’t the answer to everyone’s problems, but you should be shopping around anyway and they are a great option to consider. Best of luck!

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