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In Applying for Truck Finance With Us, You Can Expect

  • A professional consultant, with a proven track record of success and the experience to help you all the way with your application
  • Expert presentation of you application to a prospective financier, that convinces them that your business will be successful and that you are a quality loan candidate.
  • Our obligation free service is designed with your expectations in mind. However we will be frank with you. If you are in a “Dream World” we will quickly let you know.
  • The goal is to get you into the truck that is best for your business needs. The costs you incur must leave you with a profit level that you find acceptable, for the time and risks you are taking.
  • A word of caution. Financiers rarely lend $300,000 for a truck, for a new business or first time borrower. They will lend you money for a truck that genuinely meets your needs. Some flexibility is a genuine advantage.
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Before you decide where to apply for your Truck Loan, You must read below!


If you are a first time borrower or new in business and anyone says “Getting Truck Finance Is Easy” You can pretty much guarantee they don’t know what they are talking about.

Truck Loans up to approx. $50,000 are easy to get approved with some organisations. The problem is they are going to charge you a lot more than an application that is carefully and properly prepared.

Once you reach $100,000 any financier is going to be asking serious questions. Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. I’ve never had a loan before of any real size and I just started my business today, why would someone lend me $100,000? The answer is unless you can show them exactly how you are going to pay. How you are going to manage bad situations etc., they aren’t going to. A professional finance broker convinces lenders that you can manage any situation.

There are some rules that need to be adhered to;

  • 1. Is the truck suitable for the work required?
  • 2. Is the amount to be borrowed suitable?
  • 3. If something goes wrong, do you have access to cash as a fallback to meet your responsibilities
  • 4. What’s your credit history like?
  • 5. Is the truck value acceptable, for the amount to be lent?
  • 6. Is the business you have or will have financially sound?

Things that will really help your application are.

  • 1. Do you own a property asset (home or investment)?
  • 2. Have you had credit before for a similar amount?
  • 3. Will you contribute a deposit (Trade In or Cash)?

Your approval will in many cases will come down to the knowledge and skills of your financial brokers

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About Harley Finance

Harley Finance - An Australian's leading Finance Broker Business. The Principals have 30+ years, 25+ years and 10+ years’ experience.

Our Knowledge and expertise has been gathered over a long period of time. We have seen the good times and the bad.
We pride ourselves as being genuine experts in our field. All our consultants are fully qualified as per A.S.I.C requirements, but more importantly genuinely want to help our clients and prospective clients get finance approvals that meet their wants and needs.
As further proof of our expertise, more than 25% of the business we write, comes from other finance brokers who realise that our Professional Presentation’s and Knowledge and our desire to make approvals happen, is what clients are looking for.
Having access to a large quantity of financiers and a daily working relationship with many of them, we know who the best fit for your application is.

If you are looking for your best chance of approval, call us today!

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