Why Us?

Why Contact Us?

From our experience there are many different factors that people like you feel are important when approaching a car finance company and applying for a loan. We have taken this all on board and it is our goal to satisfy our clients on all of these points.

Car Finance Low Interest

The volume of lenders we deal with across a wide variety of sizes and expertise ensures that you will be offered car finance low interest from established bank lenders in Australia.

Same Day Car Finance

Our knowledge of car loans are unbeatable. So you will only apply for the most appropriate loan for you. The high level access we have means same day car finance approval. We understand the need for very quick approval and fast turn around. There is nothing worse than missing out on the car you want because the approval took to long.
No Hidden Costs. Our staff are trained to explain all the costs involved and present the information we collect based on the life of the loan, so everything is included.
Flexibility. We are not affiliated with any particular lender. This means you can get many options with one enquiry. Every car loan is different so you can always get one that has the certain flexible conditions you are looking for. Friendly Staff. We make sure our staff are happy with their work so that when you speak to them they are in a good mood. They are personable and want to understand your car finance needs as clearly as possible.
Easy To Understand. We present our loan options to you in a clear and simple way so that you understand everything that is involved. We value the fact that any financial decision is important to you and strive to help you make the best decision.
Last but not least we offer our service for free. There are no charges for contacting Harley Finance or applying for a fast approval through our service.

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